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Welcome all you wonderful souls

My name is Maria Del Mar Bustos, I am a three time certified Reiki Master of Usui, Holy Fire® Karuna® and Transformational Coach. I am here to help people heal, from new and old trauma. To ignite their inner spark of love and life purpose. 

My Story

I was born in Argentina and came to Canada when I was 9 years old. I was always labeled the sensitive, kind and shy kid. Not realizing that all the emotional weaknesses that everyone labeled me for, would one day become my super power.


Needing to emotionally heal and mend from a divorce. I searched for something different. I had done therapy, I had done the moving on but I needed something more spiritual to mend the energetic bonds that tide me to a relationship that no longer was. I seeked solace in learning Reiki. It became a way for me to heal energetically and take my power back. I went through the program and became a Reiki Master.

I then tucked it away because there was a lot more learning I needed to do. Then a year and a half later I learned something that has changed my whole life completely. I learned that I was an Empath. An Empath is someone who not only feels emotions at a higher level, but also can feel the emotions of other people and can sense emotional energy. I did all the research I could about what an Empath was. And then I became depressed not knowing how to moved forward in my life. I felt vulnerable and overwhelmed with all the emotions around me. I knew I needed help and guidance, so I reached out and worked with a life coach that helped me through my awakening process. I learned and developed life skills that taught me that empathy is a super power not something to be feared. As I kept working on myself, I became thirsty for more and more knowledge. So, I have spent the last several years learning as much as I could about psychic development, the universe, galactic beings, angels and anything considered paranormal or occult. I took mediumship classes and developed a mediation routine.


As I kept evolving and expanding my training, I realized that this was a part of my calling. That all the hard lessons I have gone through in my life had prepared me to guide and support other people through different life stages. To help teach them life skills and tools to help navigate through this lifetime. I am here in this world, to help people find the light within themselves. Hence the reason why I have called my business Guidance Within Reiki.


Each Reiki session encompasses so much more than just moving energy through your body, we are talking about moving and shifting energy from this dimension through all twelve dimensions. And shifting energy from generational bloodlines and past lives. It’s about learning to adapt and survive in a 3D world. Learning to cope with the emotional shifts and moving emotional baggage, hurt, trauma and help to release things we no longer need. It is about energy work, raising your vibration and with Transformational coaching altering and learning new life skills to succeed and move forward in life.


I not only bring the skills of a Reiki Master and Transformational Coach, I have also developed other talents. Not only am I an empath that can sense other people's feelings and can put myself in somebody else’s shoes. I am a clairvoyant and can see pictures and energy in my mind through my third eye. In some cases, I can connect with passed loved ones and spirit guides. I can tap into past life experiences and help heal past emotional and physical wounds.  I am also clairsentient and can sense energy and emotions through touch. I can sense big and small energy shifts.


In each session I create an open and safe space where you can come heal. Be who you need to be without any judgement or criticism. A place where we can both feel and release emotions that are stuck and stagnant. I welcome you to come join me at Guidance Within Reiki. Hope to see you soon.

My practice encompasses Reiki with Transformational coaching

to create a full body, mind and spirit shift.

Outdoor Meditation

Contact Me

811 Wilson Rd N
Oshawa, L1G 7Z5

Email: guidancewithinreiki(at)

Tel: 416-889-9377


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