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Reiki Healing Session

In this session you will get a full one hour Reiki Treatment.

Where I will align all your 7 major chakras, balance your masculine and feminine energies. Then finish the session by cleansing and clearing all layers of your auric body. 

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This sessions begins by you lying down facing up on my massage table and I cover you with a soft fuzzy blanket so you can relax and stay warm through out the session.


Please know that this is an open session and by that I mean, that I want you to feel free to talk and ask questions as the session progresses. I will be talking through out the session and asking questions as I move through each chakra, giving you messages, affirmation and describing what I am seeing and feeling. If I sense you just want to relax and bask in the experience I will give you an update of what I saw and felt at the end of the session. 

I will then start with a silent prayer where I energetically seal the room and ask any spirit guides to come forward.  Then with my pendulum I will check to see if your chakras are open or closed. Then I will sit by your head and place my hands on your shoulders and start sending you Reiki Energy down your body. I will start opening chakra by chakra, starting at the root chakra and ending at your crown chakra. I will also balance your Feminine and Masculine side. Then clear and reinforce your auric field. To complete the Reiki session I then move to your feet and check that all chakras are open and moving well, your feminine and masculine sides are moving and balanced. And once again review your auric field to make sure all is clean and clear. Once that is done I use a raking technique to brush away any excess energy or energy we fluffed up, out of your personal space. The last thing I do is check your chakras one last time with my pendulum to make sure they are all open and moving well. 


Then we will sit back at my counseling table where I pull one oracle card for a final piece of advice. I like to do this because the oracle card always correlates to the discussion we had and helps rap up the session with a small healing process and affirmation. 


The duration of each session varies. Most sessions are 1 hour but they could run up to 1.5 hours. So come with lots of time. 

Each Session is $111 whether you book an in person session or online session. 

Reiki Therapy


I encourage my clients release energy blocks, and shift from negative perceptions to heal traumas.

I help my clients to feel heard and to discover a new inner peace.

Contact Me

811 Wilson Rd N
Oshawa, L1G 7Z5

Email: guidancewithinreiki(at)

Tel: 416-889-9377


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