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House Clearing

In this session I will bring the tools of my trade and my connection to spirit and my guides to clean and cleanse your home of any unwanted energy. I will burn sage and clean and clear each room of your home of old stagnant energy. I will also teach you how to cleanse and clear your home and leave you with a sage bundle and a abalone shell for you to use in your home. 


Everything in this universe is made out of energy. We are constantly bombarded by it in our every day life. We pick up energy from strangers on the street, co-workers, family members, and our kids. We bring it with us everywhere including our homes.  No one in our life teaches us how to cleanse and clear other people's energy from our own auric field, let alone our homes. 

This is the reason why this is a very important service I offer. I help people become aware and conscious of the energetic space around them. I will come into your home and cleanse and clear the energy. I will start with the lower floors and move up to the upper floors of your home. As I clear your space I will be burning sage and playing music. If you are sensitive to smoke or strong scents, please let me know. Our homes can hold many different types of energy. The land could hold energy from the past, the building could hold energy from past tenants or owners. You may have brought some uninvited energies into your home. Or there maybe other more playful energies sharing your living space. 

I suggest for you to use this service for when your home feels off or uncomfortable. You have restless night sleep. Or have seen or experience unusual phenomenon. I also recommend it for anyone moving into a new home or trying to sell a house. 

I will also teach you how to clean and cleanse your home. You will also receive a bundle of sage and an abalone shell for you to continue keeping your space clear of unwanted energies. 

Duration is 2 hours. Depending on the size of the home or the energy needing to be cleared. 

Each session is $155.

Let's raise the vibration of you and your home by cleansing and clearing your space. 

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High vibration = high energy = more love, success, joy and fulfillment

Contact Me

811 Wilson Rd N
Oshawa, L1G 7Z5

Email: guidancewithinreiki(at)

Tel: 416-889-9377


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