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Complimentary Chakra Balancing 

In this session you will get a quick chakra balancing. This session is available online only. It is for people who have never experienced energy work or Reiki before.

After the session you will feel relaxed and clam.

This session is only available to first time clients. 

Reiki is a Japanese Healing modality that helps to release stress and create energetic alignment. 


This session is great for anyone that wants a try out Reiki, without a financial obligation. In this short session I will tune in to your energy and you will receive a full alignment of all seven chakras. 

This complimentary session is only available online. 

Duration is 30 minutes. Fifteen minutes to balance the chakras and the other 15 minutes to answer any questions you may have.


This session is free. 

Find the answers within your alignment.

Chakra balancing3.png

Try Reiki and raise your vibration to live a fuller and more happy life. 

Contact Me

811 Wilson Rd N
Oshawa, L1G 7Z5

Email: guidancewithinreiki(at)

Tel: 416-889-9377


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