Long Distance Reiki

This Long Distance Reiki Session, is for when you need an alignment but don't have the time to personally come in or book an online session. I will spend one hour for a full body Chakra Re-alignment or I can do a quick half an hour tune up to help you feel clear and connected.  

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One hour Long Distance Reiki

We schedule a time and day for the long distance Reiki Session. That is all you need to be aware of. Then you can go about your day as usual. I will then spend one hours tuning into your energy. I will start by aligning your root chakra and move all the way up to your crown chakra. As I tap in, I will take notes and write down any impressions that I am observing or feeling. I will also balance your Feminine and Masculine energies. Then cleanse and clear your auric body. Once the session is completed I will disengage from our connection and send you a written report. This session is best to book when you don't have time to book an in person or online session with me. 

Duration is 1 hour.

Each session is $88

Half an Hour Long Distance Reiki


This is for the person who has no time but needs a quick boost of energy and an alignment. I will spend half an hour aligning and rebalancing your chakras, as well as your Feminine and Masculine sides and cleansing and clearing your auric body. This is just a short session that will help you rebalance and align your self. At the end of the session I will send you a quick report with the impressions, feeling and information I received through out the session. 

Duration of this session is half an hour.

Each session is $55.

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After Reiki, you will feel more

relaxed, clear, calm and connected

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